Ad not changing

Oct 16, 2012 at 9:33 PM

Hey there,

I've setup a remote url for a settings file and was trying to test it by setting the local file to 100% pubcenter, and the remote file 100% adDuplex.  That ad doesn't seem to be changing.

I understand invalidate is supposed to get a new ad?  should this be called with true or false?  

OR if someone could test my url for me, its


Not sure if i'm missing something.  I'm testing on a windows phone connected to wifi.


BTW keep up the good work!  This tool is AMAZING!!

Also as a side note, i saw a monogame folder under the source code.  Are you guys planning a release for monogame?!  that would be incredible!!! 

Oct 25, 2012 at 12:41 PM

The file looks fine from what I can see (don't have the time right now to test it completely) 

One note is that you shouldn't add probabilities which are set to 0, just remove those lines.  It wont affect AdRotator but it's a good practice.

You might want to check which "Culture" you are serving ads for and ensure the one you are changing is actually the one being used.  We use the Current Thread Culture to detect it, so you might want to check that.


As for the MonoGame branch, yes it's in progress last I heard, we were contacted by the MonoGame and they ware working independently on that branch so I don't yet know it's current status but as far as I'm aware it's being used in some games now on the marketplace, so you can try it with a pinch of salt.  We don't have a build for it yet so you will have to download the source and build it yourself to use it.