SMAATO ad's only appearing on WP7 no WP8

Jan 3, 2014 at 6:41 PM
Hi Guys,

Quick one, I have the same app running on both WP7 and WP8, the adrotator used is from nugget on both deployments. They are both using the same xml files as well.

The WP7 shows SMAATO ad but the WP8 does not.

Any ideas?


Jan 3, 2014 at 8:04 PM
That sounds very odd indeed.

I'd suggest ruling out that it's not a Smaato issue first by testing your Ad ID's using just the native control in a test app.
Alternatively you could try testing your config in the V2 control.

Also ensure in your WP8 app you are using the WP8 dll (unless you just have a WP7 app running on WP8 in compatibility mode)
Jan 3, 2014 at 9:03 PM

Yeah I am creating a test app for smaato later today.

I first created the app in WP8 and used only the pubcenter and adduplex, both worked fine. Then I recreated the app in a WP7, so they are different just using the same version of the control from nuget with the same xml files on my web server and in the default xml on the app.

When I run he WP7 app I can see the smaato ad and click thru without issues. On the wp8 version I see only the pubcenter and adduplex ones. so yeah its a little strange.

I will let you know how the test app goes tomorrow.


Jan 13, 2014 at 8:05 AM
Hey guys,

i am not using the Adrotator but i got a problem according to smaato.
In my XNA game is the problem the following.
I get ads displayed on WP7 and WP8.
But if the ad is tapped only on WP7 it is redirected correct. On WP8 it redirects to an empty page and the url ends with "adspacer.gif"
I have used the "Windows Phone 6/7 SDK SDK v1.6" because i want to support all devices.
It seems that there some header values which are set for the ad request are hardcoded and this one differ from the ones which IE is sending.
e.g On adrequest there is set "DEVICE -> WP7" in broweser it says "DEVICE -> WP8" and then smaato says that this is invalid.

I don't want to promote my game here but if you got a WP7 and WP8 device you could see what I mean: (Just use the trial)

Did anybody solve this?
I already opened a ticket but smaato support seems to be really really slow :(