XNA 0.4 problems

May 3, 2013 at 9:17 AM
Adrotator is a really great software, but:
  1. adduplex sometimes appears at (0,0), even I set the correct position
  2. what the difference bettween enabled and visible - field, I want to show ads later (not on the splash screen), so if I init adrotator in Initialize (enabled=false) adduplex starts... (I had to change also visible to false)
  3. the described problem with house ad (darker than it should be)
  4. it would be great if you give the position, where user click housead...before I used two images 240x80, so I have two adv. one time - but to distinguish them I need coordinates
  5. adrotator sometimes freeze app if it is started from other than Initialize()... I need this because I would like to ask for agree about loading ads
  6. I would like to put ad at the bottom of the screen - what height should I set.,.. pubcenter is 80 pixel, adduplex -80, smaato - 100? - house ad - also 100?) - is it possible to change height to 80 for all ad providers?
  7. 0.5XNA has default housead dark problem fixed, can I use this version? When do you plan official version of 0.5XNA?
    Best regards,
May 3, 2013 at 10:11 AM
Glad you like it.

In response

1: Yeah, I saw that when I tested it recently in a new app. Most likely AdDuplex doing that though as we are pretty fixed. best reaching out to @Ailon to see if it's a known issue (quicker if you reach out due to my time constraints)

2: Yeah there is a little confusion between those two but basically, if not Enabled AdRotator will not even try to fetch ads, it just shuts down. With the visible flag it is still running (testing for ads) but wont display an ad until you make it visible again. Changing enabled to true restarts AdRotator all over again.

3 / 7 - The darker ad thing was fixed as you say in 0.5, shoul dbe no problem replacing the dll used by your game with this. Should finish testing in the next few weeks and do a final cut release of that. had no other reported problems (solves a fair few as well)

5: AdRotator should only be started in or after initialize, the later the better. if it doesn't display ads for a while then it's because it's still searching for an adprovider willing to serve an ad.
If this is not what your referring to then do you have an example?

6: in V1 there is only 1 drawing space for ads. It is then down to the ad provider to deliver ads based on their preferences. in V2 we hope to handle this better

Hope this helps
May 3, 2013 at 12:37 PM
Thanks for the info,
I will replace dll to 0.5 , (I was asking because you wrote this is only test version, which could have some methods for monitoring/testing purposes)

Ad 5. By freezing I mean that I cannot select from my main menu nothing for few seconds, it happens when adrotator is initializing not in Initialize() but after accepting privacy policy. It is not big problem, because it happens only once (next time, privacy policy (after it was accepted) is not visible).

About 6:
I was thinking about such scenario: I have houseAd - 480x80 (but I advertise there two my apps: 240x80 and second one started at 240 to 480 x 80). So this only one standard place. Please consider delivery more information about clicking on houseAd: for example (x, y) in reference to the origin of ad vector. It will give the possiblity to:
if (x<240) startAdMarket1(); else startAdMarket2();
but I suppose it will be only possible in XNA....; so maybe never mind...
But one question about it: is it possible to check, that housead is being displayed or no ad at all have been delivered? If yes, then I can disable adrotator and display my ad "manually".

Once again thanks for the very good piece of software.
Best regards,
May 3, 2013 at 5:08 PM
OK, sounds good.

On point 5, not sure what you mean by "Accepting the privacy policy" since AdRotator doesn't have one itself. Guessing you are talking about your own app. A solution might be to initialize AdRotator later in your app.

6: If you have a Default House Ad locally then you will ALWAYS have an ad to display, if you have a Remote Ad and it has been successful at least once then you will always have an ad available as it's cached. If it has never been successful and you don't have a local one then it will disable itself if no ad could be sourced.
The Ad Click is launchable by either yourself or within the house ad itself which tests the boundaries for where it is displayed, however we are considering simplifying this in V2.

Feel free to add any suggestions for the future of AdRotator on the V2 backlog request voting page. https://www.voteit.com/v/HiHC8jq1MV8wxEW