Unknown parser error: Scanner 2148474880.

Dec 5, 2012 at 1:03 PM
Edited Dec 5, 2012 at 1:14 PM

Hi. I m trying to implements Ad Rotator in my project, but it give me this error when i run it in emulator: Unknown parser error: Scanner 2148474880.

The sample project work great! 

Thanks in advance. 

PS i'm using Ad Rotator for Silverlight v1.2

<adRotator:AdRotatorControl x:Name="AdRotatorControl" Height="100" 
            	SettingsUrl="http://adrotator.apphb.com/defaultAdSettingsSilverlightNoLoc.xml" Margin="0,536,0,86" Visibility="Visible" SlidingAdDirection="None"/>


Francesco Gatto 

Dec 5, 2012 at 1:42 PM

Have you added all the Ad Provider References to your project?

That is usually the cause of that error

Dec 5, 2012 at 1:47 PM
Edited Dec 5, 2012 at 1:51 PM

Thanks so much! i imported the libraries and now is ok. But is  normal a small slowdown between pages after implementing the adcontrol? 

edit: i resolved. beautifull work!

Dec 5, 2012 at 1:54 PM

We recommend using AdRotator in a User control to ease adoption (also means you only configure it once), then use the User Control where you want to place Ads.

The control work is off loaded to a background thread and shouldn't impact app performance.

Mar 18, 2013 at 6:42 PM
Edited Mar 18, 2013 at 6:43 PM
i also have the same problem ( Unknown parser error: Scanner 2148474880 ), i have imported all the libraries but i am still getting this error.

I am also getting this error with the samples

I am currently using the silverlight v1.3 version
Mar 19, 2013 at 1:02 PM

We recommend you upgrade to the latest NuGet release which ensures you have all the necessary components installed in your solution.