Ad Unit in settings file

Dec 2, 2011 at 8:04 PM

I have made some custom modifications to your project.  I added the ability to add the ad unit to the settings xml file.  The purpose is to allow my app switch between add units instantly.  This also allows my app to use many ad units.  For example, I have 10 different MS Ads units.  9 of them are at 1% while one is at 90%.  When one of the other ad unit's ecpm goes up I change that to the primary 90% one.  This lets me see what ad units are best for my app.  I may have my server auto change the settings file, but i haven’t done that yet.

Does this make sense?

Would you be interested if I submited the code?

-Added additional attributes to the settings xml

-removed the xaml properties to set default value because it reads the ad units from the xml, but I could add those back in. It would need to be a list instead of attributes

-defaults to no ad, because I had to remove the xaml settings.